A recreation of the original Babe Perfume

Babe was launched in 1976 and it became Fabergé's largest selling women's fragrance worldwide in its first year of issue. It received two awards in 1977 from the Fragrance Foundation including Most Successful Introduction of a Women's Fragrance in Popular Distribution and Best Advertising Campaign for Women's Fragrance.

The Babe fragrance became popular in 1977 and remained so throughout the 1980's. The original products came in a vast array of styles and types of packaging.


A brief history of Babe Perfume

  • Launched 1976
  • Woman's fragrance of the year 1977
  • Best ad campaign 1977
  • Sold in 1989
  • Discontinued 1992
  • Worldwide sales $50m
  • 2015 Babe original fragrance and packaging recreated

Babe Perfume Cagney and Lacey

Babe makes an appearance in the popular 80's TV show - Cagney and Lacey.

Made in England

Babe Perfume is made in England