Welcome to the Babe Perfume Shop

Here it is at last, the exciting revival of the iconic 70's and 80's perfume that is Babe Perfume.

A faithful recreation of the original 70's and 80's perfume.

Relive your memories of an era when success and romance were in the air, or take yourself back to this memorable era for the sheer love of it.

Babe Perfume

Babe opens with a fresh burst of lavender, aldehydes and hyacinth offering radiance and energy. A bouquet of exquisite and elegant flowers (rose, ylang, violet, orris and lily) exhales vitality and colorfulness. The end note is a refined woody scent of warm sandalwood rounded by sensual solar accord, moss and ambrette that leave on the skin a gracious and delightful trail.
Made in England

Babe Perfume is made in England